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Name: Sanskrit English Mooladham Root lst chakra Swadhisthana Sacral 2nd chakra Manipura Solar plexus 3rd chakra Anahata Heart 4th chakra Vishudddhi Throat 5th chakta Ajna Third eye 6th chakra Sahasrara Crown 7th chakra
Location In the perineum Genitals Solar plexus Heart Throat ln-between the eye brow center Crown of the head
Element Earth Water Fire Air Either (vibrations) Spirit Consciousness
Identity Physical Emotional Ego Love Truth Visions Bliss
Associations   Roots Grounding Nourishment Trust Home Family! Tribe Prosperity Movement Sensations Pleasure Sexuality Desire Creativity Energy Powel‘ Courage Will power Self esteem Love Balance Relationships Nurturing Compassion Communication Listening Creativity Resonance Images Dreams Visions Insight Imagination Transcendence Self realization Higher powet Divinity Impermanence
Demon Fear Guilt Shame Grief Lies Illusion Attachments
Afflrmation’ "Its safe for me: to be here" ”I trust the process of life " "I love my body and trust its wisdom " ”I deserve pleasure” in my life “I embrace and celebrate my sexuality" "I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life" "I honor the power within me" “I beleive in myself" "I have the courage, strength and willpower to do all that i want" "I am worthy of love" "I am loving to my self and others " "There si an infinite supply of love" "I give and receive love equally" "I love and accept myself" "I speak and hear the truth “ “My creativity flows in and through me" “I express myself with clear intent" "l see all things cearly" " I listen to my inner guidance "“I manifest my visions" "I seek wisdom and guidnace in all situations" "I an guided by higher power" "Information i need comes to me" "I unite with my higher self"
Sound Lung Vung Rung Yung Hung Aung Silent