About Elke

Elke is a natural medium and psychic, spirit communicator, and crystal and energy healer. Having received spirit messages for most of her life, she discovered her passion for working with crystals when she was diagnosed with cancer. Given only a year to live, she turned to a crystal healer and had the most miraculous recovery.Ever since, for the past 20 years, she has been working with crystals herself, and developed the Quantum Crystal Healing method, which combines crystal healing with the help of spirit guides.

Her extraordinary abilities include clear communications with the spirit guides of her clients – as well as their loved ones who have passed away.

She also uses Tarot for guidance on people’s life path (although she often knows which card is appropriate even before the client has chosen them) and is a Reiki and EFT Master. She offers 1-2-1 sessions for healing and spiritual guidance, as well as workshops to pass on her vast knowledge and unique techniques.

So far, she has primarily taught and practiced in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland but is happy to travel wherever she is invited.

How do I work

l'm a natural born clairvoyant.

I connect with consciousness and I see pictures in my mind which I "translate" back. Your subconscious recognised what I say and brings body and mind in alignment. l would like to point out, that you are healing yourself, I'm just the "mediator"

All of my sessions can be done in person or in absents

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